Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Somewhat ashamedly, I played my first ultimate frisbee game on Monday! [Ashamedly because my high school friends and I have been making fun of our friend who is participating in three leagues this summer...] The game also informally kick-starts my mission (and PL's mission) to get back into shape over the next 6 weeks! ["In shape" for me is defined as my state in 4B when I took "TKO" class at Waterloo.] So, I am off to join Bally's to hopefully go swimming at least twice a week. Hopefully swimming will also increase my endurance because I was pretty winded after a couple of changes of ultimate. And I'm too slow at keeping track of the directions! Otherwise, it feels great to just run around. =p

It's nice to have a clean room again, especially a clean desk for me to call it my "office". At least devotions / reading have been going well for the first couple of days of this new initiative. Hopefully they will keep up... Following from my previous blog, I have been terrible at taking the time out to read the Bible and to spend in reflection or meditation. But now, I'm very motivated to get back into the Word and to study it deeply. So get ready, small group... =)

It's been great to feel like everything is starting anew, to be refreshed in all aspects: spiritually, work, church...

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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