Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally, it was time to change the links in my template...

The weather has cooled down a bit, that it's actually really nice out! Which is why Chung Yeung Festival last Friday was a big day for campers, and our fellowship took the chance to go on a retreat too! Nothing very heavy, just an opportunity to get away and have some sharing... it was very nice. The nice thing about retreats here is that you can get away to rural places just a ferry ride away. And when you're there, you can still find seafood 'midnight snack', which is built into the schedule. hahaha

Everything has picked up all of a sudden. I guess it's about time, in many ways, I was feeling quite restless before in wanting to get involved (with everything... I remembered at the beginning of last year I was bored with work that I even thought about investment banking -- which of course is very myopic and stupid to think like that).

Work, church, Tyndale course, visitors to HK (including my parents) and then... Hong Kong CPA aptitude test?? That will be late December. :P

But most importantly, on top of that, it has been very fruitful in terms of personal Bible study, whether at fellowship, personal (almost finished Acts after a year!!), Sunday School... it has been an interesting self-reflection of where I have 'moved' (hopefully, progressed?) in my hermeneutical spiral toward the Scriptures.

As we cultivate our theological garden...

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm still around in Hong Kong! Actually, other than the immediate trip to Beijing, I haven't had to travel at all for the past 3 weeks (until tomorrow :P) It's been a whirlwind. Of course, Toronto was a whirlwind in itself, though as usual, any visit is very fruitful. It's wonderful to be able to pick up from the last point, catch up, share, and edify one another. I've been blessed in many ways through different perspectives and sharings... with a good reminder of the goal towards authenticity as the foundation for real community.

After I came back, I taught training in Beijing (9/20-21), taught training in Hong Kong (9/24-28; with a holiday on the Wednesday where we went hiking with fellowship), went on a church leaders retreat (9/30-10/1), went to Macau with my aunt and cousin (10/2), attended training (10/3-5), and attended a different training (10/8-9). All the while, had to run some unexpected errands for my mom and try to work on my Tyndale course (Church history: Reformation to modern church). No, I have not had any 'quiet day at the office' at all!!

All of the above has been tiring. However, there have been pockets of downtime in the above, mainly this past weekend, and it's been refreshing to just keep quiet, catch up on my readings, and have some prayer time... much, much needed.

The church leaders retreat was fruitful to get to know some other members of the church outside of the 'youth district' (i.e., the 'adults', haha). It was also very challenging and encouraging as the main topic was... authenticity. Another affirmation and reminder.

Within all of the above, I have not forgotten that I have already hit my one year mark (arrived October 2, 2006), though I just haven't had the time to sit down and reflect specifically on that. Time has definitely flown by. All in all, the first year has been as expected, I guess (though I don't generally have specific expectations) -- of patience, quietness. Now, it has felt good to get more involved at church (another fellowship, helping out with Sunday School) as well as spend additional time with other brother and sisters in Christ. Fellowship is a huge blessing, and work is developing very well. And yes, I think I can say my Cantonese has improved over this year. :)

Who knows what the next year will bring, but definitely, there is much to look forward to. All beyond our imaginations -- may all glory be to Him!

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.