Friday, May 02, 2008

Olympic flame takes Hong Kong

It was a relatively uneventful day at work until this afternoon rolled around. Many pedestrian walkways throughout the city were closed to control the crowds in anticipation for the Olympic torch relay. While I didn't really care to see try to see it, at about 3pm this afternoon, the torch was on its way from Kowloon onto the Star Ferry, to the Central Piers, to be taken to Wan Chai. Conveniently, IFC is adjacent to the Central Piers... so, my coworkers started to stalk out the positions until we saw the flame!! We're on the 17/f.

Something I want to bring out -- for those who visited Hong Kong last year, you may have walked on the pedestrian walkway linking the Pier to the city. This pedestrian walkway was built alongside the harbour. Now, it is already about half "reclaimed". For the tenants of IFC in the near future, they will soon be looking out at other buildings instead of say, gigantic cK ads. :p

People lining the streets in red with Chinese flags. At least, this relay was a peaceful one.

And passed onto the next one! The flame is pretty big, it was probably the most clear thing that we saw from 17/f.

This is still here on the old Ritz Carlton. (Picture is not much better.) There is also a female version on the backside of the hotel, I guess you may be able to see it from the Peak. :p