Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Beginnings - 1 of 3

After all the designs, symbols, and preparations, February 27, 2010 marked a new day and a new status for me. After months of laid-back preparation, the ceremony and banquet came and went. Both were eventful, and I was very happy to have my Tyndale professor, Barbara Leung Lai, perform half of the exhortation, while David's professor, Carver Yu, did the second half. Too bad we forgot to record it... regardless, the enthusiastic and joyful recount of BLL's version of our story will remain my memory, as will CY's encouragement as we pursue our coupled journey in the search for visio dei, wrapped around many reminders to learn mutual submission. BLL brought a smile to my face while I was standing on the stage as she emphasized the importance to 'stand on mountains' -- as He raises us up to more that we can be. The banquet was an extraordinarily grand affair, quite a contrast from David and my mode of living. Yet, it was a smooth night, even if the food was served very slowly. All in all, the two days came and went, and afterwards, we were married. There is a surreal feeling, since I didn't feel like there was a difference in our relationship. But that is where David and I are on the same page, for our relationship started and was maintained on a daily basis, and we hope to continue this after our wedding.

I want to share an excerpt of David's banquet speech, which embodies our happy, yet humble sentiments:

As I am standing here on the stage at this very moment, I am trying to get a better feeling of the atmosphere tonight, with so many guests coming here to celebrate, to celebrate for us. We feel very, very lucky, and I realize that it is truly a grand celebration that you've so generously given us, yet a grand celebration to a very humble beginning, of this new chapter of our relationship. That is to say, within a few days if not tomorrow, Gladys and I will be fully immersed into the mundane realities of living together. You know what I mean: we need to share a washroom, and we need to clean the kitchen sink together. I will unlikely be wearing this tuxedo while doing the daily chores, and after a hard day's work communications may just tend to become kind of routine, won't it? Regardless of how 'special' the bride and groom are supposed to be this evening, very soon and in many ways, we won't be different from anyone else, practising the repetitions of an ordinary life.

But this we shall promise all of you, and only by making this promise, shall we be worthy of what you've all given us here. We promise that we shall make our togetherness, a lively, and life-long devotion; that we shall participate in the same mundane activities, but discover joy therein; and that we shall lay our lives' foundation upon the Truth; and truthfully, and routinely, commit to each other day after day, year after year. We would even promise you that soon we'll begin taking things a bit for granted, but then we shall again learn to appreciate each other; that we are going to fight (not literally of course!), but then, we shall learn to reconcile. There are much more than what I can cover her, as seasoned couples among our guests know very well. But our commitment to the days ahead, we believe, is the only way that we may express our gratitude to you all. Thank you very much.

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.