Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm pseudo- studying for the GRE. I applied NOT because I was reverting into old examination-taking habits, but figured it could be useful for future applications. And mainly, for some reason, the GRE is essentially only offered once a year in Hong Kong in a two-part exam, as compared with year-round computerized sessions around the globe. [I plan to take it in Toronto.] In preparation, I've combed the internet to gather the gamut of word lists. I need some work in this area, especially given the insane and arcane words on the lists, so the best way to remember definitions is to use them in sentences. Please join me in my studies!

A new good internet friend is now etymology.com to help me understand the origins of words and to assist with neologisms. But confuse that not with entomology.com, lest you be confronted with creepy crawlies that are mottled, hirsute, refulgent *and* pellucid -- and may cause a paroxysm of fright from some visceral fears. Though that site might have sections where apiarists expatiate on their science, perhaps to help others with agrarian interests. For those with a predilection for anything equine, bovine, or ursine, I recommend zoology.com.

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam. :)