Saturday, September 14, 2002

Do you make an active decision to love someone?

An interesting discussion among a number of us one late night about love and where it falls along the continuous spectrum between “emotion” and “decision”.

Obviously, love isn’t solely based on emotions, nor is it an emotionless decision… or is it? And assuming that a decision *is* made, do the emotions occur prior to or after the decision?

Very interesting indeed… making me reflect on my relationships and highlight points where I have or have not made such decisions…

Anyway, enough. Enough about *this* topic. =P

I’m glad to be back in Waterloo. =) Really excited for this upcoming term and upcoming year. As my program winds down, things don’t matter that much anymore, so I’m having a lot more fun with my classmates… hanging out with them, reminiscing as to how horrible it was in 2A, how wonderful it was in 2B, and the even more horrible terms that ensued… and then how relaxing it is now. =P

It’s amazing how God puts people in our lives, and how God answers prayer…

Ahh… It’s just nice to be back… =P

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

Monday, September 02, 2002

How do you know if you love someone?
How do you know if someone loves you?
What does it mean to “like” someone?
What implications does “liking” someone entail?

Just a sample of questions that I’ve been given opportunity to ponder about in the past while, and unfortunately, none of which I really have any answers for.

All I can say, is that (in my opinion,) as much as this type of love is a choice, it is very much emotional, not really an intellectual decision. *Something,* perhaps admiration, perhaps appreciation of that person’s gifts and qualities, and perhaps physical attraction, makes us want to spend more time and effort with that person, care for that person, maybe even more than you care for yourself… very elusive…

But anyway, nothing that you don’t already know.

How do you be sure that somebody *doesn’t* like you?

A question posed by a guy who wanted to better understand us girls, with respect to guys who go out of their way to spend time to talk to a particular girl, taking time to walk her to her car, etc.. I guess the main concern is, if the girl knew that he liked her, and if the feelings aren’t returned, she should manage expectations and not “play along;” it’s not nice to fish, especially if she doesn't intend to keep the catch… However, it would be more acceptable to continue the relation if the girl can be sure that there were, essentially, no risk.

My answer? Girls can tell. =P

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Wow, eight months have quickly flown by, and now, I should *really* be cleaning my room and preparing to pack for Waterloo, but obviously, I choose to do that later.

As I look back on my final work terms, I have a plethora of thoughts. But as usual, I tend to think too fast and my thoughts go in and go straight out. =p

Anyway, just a primer…

“It was by chance that we met,
by choice that we became friends...”

A quotation from my friend Sherrie’s site, [the person, incidentally, who did my fantastic photo shoot! Thanks Sherrie for the awesome pics! =)] who got the quotation from someone else… I don’t know. I guess it has to do with the friendships that I’ve been blessed with and which I cherish very much. I went out with my high school friends last night. It’s been a while, and I guess it’ll be a while until we all get together again… (hm.. maybe Christmas party 2003? =p) Although we will go away: Montreal, Maryland, Scotland, I think it is within our control to decide if we want to drift or not.

“It was by chance that we met,
by choice that we became friends...”

Would the same thing not apply on the opposite end, that it is our choice to stop? In any case, not that I think we will. Even if we don’t see each other for the next three years, hopefully I’ll see you guys at the next joint piano recital, hehe… =p

”The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

(Can you not tell this is one of my favourite topics? =p
More to come…)

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.