Friday, July 02, 2004

Back to the one post per month quota... although, going forward, I really do hope to post more. Despite my complaints about the time it takes to post, I do realize the value of journalling my thoughts through this medium, and I have a number of thought-threads that I've been meaning to get down... just a matter of time...

I've found myself to be very sluggish lately -- it feels like I haven't *thought* about anything of substance in the past while. But not only in terms of substance -- I've just felt *slow* in general. Anyway, to rectify that, I've taken to playing video games, haha! No RPG's... that would take too long [I *did* start FFIX upon returning to Toronto in September but obviously didn't go very far in that =P], but one of my two favourite puzzle games: Intelligent Qube ("I.Q."). The other is Devil Dice, but that takes too long [especially with two players... once, I played with my brother and I ended up being really late for a dinner because we didn't want to stop -- we got up to level 99 =P]. But I.Q. is great for strategy, memory, and agility! The music in this game is really funny, too. =P

Needless to say, this past week and on Canada Day, I've spent more time playing video games than I would have really liked to... that's the problem of "filling up" my time when I could really spend that time in prayer or reading.

But the game is just so fun! And I need to build up my I.Q. so that I can systematically achieve "true genious"! Haha.. =P

OK, still not a post of substance, but it's a post nonetheless. =)

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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