Friday, August 09, 2002

Aiya, I have been spending way too much money… my classmates and I went shopping again today…

The conference officially started today with a reception, where we basically had a Waterloo reunion (I think there are around 20 of my classmates here…) instead of the original intent (I assume) of getting to know other people. After an hour of mingling, the entire Ernst & Young delegation migrated into the next ballroom for a presentation and dinner

I think it’s really funny how much Ernst & Young has invested into this conference… the point of which, I think, is to “sell” the firm to these summer interns as a place to work full-time. I think that’s a waste of money because if these interns already accepted offers to come for the summer, wouldn’t you think they would want to return?? Anyway… I guess it’s a free trip for me, but still. =p.

It’s funny: Think huge pep rally – convention centre set up for dinner, say, 90 tables? There are 750 interns plus 140 facilitators / presenters. The lights are dim, the music is blasting, the clubbing-type lights are going, and there are two huge screens at the front, primed for an Ernst & Young PowerPoint presentation.

The best thing was the automatic cordless polling device. Everyone had a remote control-like thing which generated automatic statistics, so the presenter could ask a question, and it would generate a stat in 20 seconds, like the ratio of male to females (47:53), where people were from: International, Canada, or USA (5:13:82), or whether or not we agreed that leading a successful career was synonymous to earning a high salary (49:51) [interesting…].

After dinner, I think most people went to Pleasure Island for clubbing. My classmates and I declined, and decided to go to the pool. I was smrt enough not to bring my bathing suit… it was a *really* nice night, complete with a replicated Mayan pyramid. =P I really miss swimming. I guess going to the PAC next term won’t really compare, won't it? =p

Anyway, breakfast starts at 7am tomorrow…so,

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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