Monday, June 03, 2002

Sorry for not posting in a while... I've been out of the storage room and in the sun. =) And I think I should really finish my work before I spend time on this page, especially if I'm *at* work. But it's evening now, so it's ok. =P

Thanks Matt for your thoughts.

Balance. I realize that the scope of the word is pretty broad, so let's break it down (must not confound =P).:

Time - If you place value in more than one thing, then it is probably desirable to balance your time between them (lest you become one-dimensional =P). Easiest example: work (study) or play, marks or fun; we definitely have to balance between the two. Sorry, I'm not really qualified to present a quick and easy solution... although I *do* have some suggestions (namely, make a schedule! =P) No surprises here.

Effort level - As Matt has alluded to, (I suppose in terms of an ethical argument), we should put in our 100% in whatever we do. Well, whatever, I don't want to argue anything here; I know this stance is entirely debatable. (Those who know me will understand my position since I *do* have perfectionistic tendencies.. =P or just "analities" =P)

Anyway, kind of relating to this topic of effort level, let me pose a couple of questions:

Is there ever a time when it is acceptable to give up on a friendship? Is it possible to care too much?

I'll leave you with these... Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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