Friday, June 14, 2002

"What is a relationship?"

I had to think very hard to this question, and still wasn't really able to come up with an answer. Just that it encompasses many things.. Just some thoughts... (in the general "boyfriend/girlfriend" sense):

Love - I think love is actually a learning process... we gradually learn to love people, and in the process, we see how God's love works, and consequently should grow in our relationship with Him. You know the heartbreaking feeling when you really miss someone? Imagine... I think God *always* feels that with us...

Commonalities - Just a practical thing... I don't know if the "opposites attract" cliché is actually representative. How can the relationship function if there is nothing to talk about?

Commitment - What's the use of dating if it's not going to go anywhere? Personally, I think dating is meant to result in marriage... I'm not saying all relationships HAVE to work out or anything, but I think that's the mindset to have when entering into a relationship. There will never be a perfect relationship. Trials are bound to ensue, and it is commitment to each other that will hold them together.

Physical attraction - haha, this is debatable... personally, I never really thought about physical attraction (seriously!) but it has been said, "A couple can have everything... but if one of them thinks the girlfriend/boyfriend is ugly, then they are hopeless." Hm.. I don't know.... maybe?

Anyway, given all of these components, mainly commitment, I think "distance" is almost irrelevant. True, it is a lot more difficult and takes a lot more effort on the part of the parties, but as long as the couple *wants* to stay together and makes the effort to do so... what will stop them?

Just some thoughts... comments?

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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