Monday, December 09, 2002

I'm still enjoying finals... although I'll see how I am tomorrow when I finish studying for Tax...

Hm.. just a question, does anyone know someone by the name of "Mung-Foo" or "Mum-Foo"? If so, please let me know. =)

I can hardly believe my undergrad is pretty much complete... all right, I have two more exams after Taxation III on Tuesday morning, but those are really not a big deal (thus revealing my relative level of care for those mandatory math courses...). I *am* still motivated to study for them, though; I have never ever had a term when I've slacked off this badly before.

Anyway, it's been a lot of fun. =) When my classmates and I get together (well, the "getting together" part happens pretty much seven days of the week...,) we often look back on this journey and reminisce, although only having begun less than five years ago. It's funny because we talk about the same events every single time, making me think of old (grandfather/grandmother-type) friends with faint memories, not being able to remember what they discussed an hour ago. A very pleasant scene.

The topics recur:

My friends didn't even know I was in accounting until sometime in 2B... somehow, I think we met up in DC (Davs Centre library) and Calculus (oh, Calculus...) brought us together.

2A was *brutal*... and so are accountants... =p

2B was *wonderful*; we *SO* should have taken six courses!!! [sigh]...

3A was terrible, playing "catch-up and midterm" every week, so we again lived in DC in our respective locations. And when we thought 3B couldn't possibly be any worse than 3A, it *was*... a hell-ish term if there was one.

Although not nearly as bad as 3B, we *still* spent all of our time in DC during 4A... out of habit? Perhaps: after all, it's our "home away from home away from home."

The value of education and the current degradation of the post-secondary education system (including the degradation of U of W), being lost to myopic mindsets brought on by the influence of industry and economics, especially with such a program as co-op, which requires that their students be trained for the here-and-now...

I guess tomorrow (technically, today) will be our last full day here, together, studying for the same course in our respective seats in the same row, day after day... it's been fun to "work" together: for class - group assignment and projects - have we exhausted all the permutations and combinations yet?, for DC - who will take the morning shift, and who will take the late shift? =p

Haha, may I present to you, the DC Crew. =p Haha... See you guys in Masters.

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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