Saturday, October 08, 2005

Thank God for getting through these past two weeks... it has been nonstop, but "full" in a great way. Despite once again experiencing the anxious last minute assignment crunch for school, I had a great time the weekend before teaching a Bible Study workshop for the UWCCF retreat.

It was encouraging to receive positive feedback and to know that at least some students were empassioned and motivated to do more Bible studies in order to apply the theories, and in general, read God's living word. I was also asked to facilitate a strategic analysis of the fellowship, which turned into a visioning session --> action plan brainstorming session for them. Yu-ling was also there to lead a workshop on small groups, which was useful and insightful. He also shared some good material for visioning which immensely supplemented my very standard structure for the session... It also helps me think about what I want to do with fellowship at church.

As usual, CCF reminded me about the passion for serving Christ... It's unfortunate to know that I really enjoy doing Bible studies, yet don't spend that much time on them. So, I really need to *make* those opportunities to get me to do them. The next question is... "how?" I have envisioned a number of new things to start... the harder thing is to follow them through.

Just a quick update for now -- I'm finally experiencing a wireless hotspot that works (now that E&Y has changed our wireless software) at a Markham library. Back to writing for my Tyndale assignment!

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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