Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm back home! But need to go to bed to make our Financial Reporting Developments session early tomorrow morning in Mississauga...

But here is the count of my experience today in Chicago!

I am now in Chicago airport waiting to board my plane home. I was going to complain about my terrible service at dinner, but by God's grace, another story came up that completely trumps the horrible service:

Tonight, at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, they were playing Chinese opera over the public announcement system.

I, of course, thought this phenomenon was thoroughly entertaining not to mention ridiculously hilarious, and despite futile efforts, tried *very* hard not to burst out laughing out while walking around the terminal. At all other times I couldn't stop smiling hilariously. At least I (and all other Chinese people, somewhat embarrassedly =p) knew the truth behind the high, screeching, melismatic voice, complete with instrumental and cymbal clanging. While I was eating dinner, I'm sure people were wondering why I was smiling so much -- and no, The Epic of Gilgamesh is not a comedy.

Seeing a number of people imitate the high, melismatic screeching, including the security check people, made it even harder to smother my laugh.

I wondered if there was a live performance somewhere or another reason for the music, and walked around Gate B looking for the musicians, but without any luck. I guess the performance might have been at the international gate and not at the United domestic/Canada gate, or for whatever reason, the responsible person just thought that he/she would play such exotic culture, or perhaps got away with playing his or her favourite music.

Finally, I went and laughed out loud in the washroom.

Until next time, (in Toronto!) my name is Gladys Yam. Haha...

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