Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I cleaned my room again! It feels great! I figured out the trick is to get as much stuff out of my room. =p I bought a CD rack from IKEA and was going to house my CD's, but it turned out that it didn't really fit (it was really tall) so I put it downstairs in the living room. Oh well, that's great! The less in my room the better!

I found my colour file folders that I bought last year to do our taxes!! I was really excited because I really needed them to do our taxes this year (which I ended up dragging out because I didn't have the right colours). But now, I am ready to do our taxes for 2004!

The file folders are hidden in my stack of CA (Chartered Accountant) magazines... which I have not sorted since 2000. So now, I have a full set of UFE (Uniform Final Exam -- the exam for the CA designation) syllabi since 2000, including the Guide to the new CA Accredidation process, so that you can compare the changes in the UFE over the past 4 years! Anyone? Anyone? This can be a collector's set! =p

Now that my stationery, files, and media are somewhat more organized... onto my clothes... which theoretically would entail the many hours required to iron my shirts... well, I'll do it *sometime*...

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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