Monday, November 18, 2002

I am back. =)

After a few weeks of running around like a chicken with my head cut off as a result of various things: standard pre-Lifesong activities, inadvertent involvement with the student co-operative housing government, and post-midterm assignments, I am now back in study mode, which means that I have something to procrastinate *from*, hence my return. =p

I have to catch up on these few weeks of classwork, especially for a couple of courses that I have deemed to be non-value-added, which means going back to my old student lifestyle of being at my home away from home away from home, of course, being the Davis Centre library.


Friday was our accounting grad ball (yes, this is my last undergrad term... pics if interested.) Very nice to see my classmates all dressed up. We've been together for 4 and a half years now, so it was a nice celebration. Also nice to see our profs dance around; Professor Laiken is hilarious (the guy pouring wine in one of my pictures...) It was a fun night. Despite all the stereotypes, I think accountants know how to party. =p I mean, ALL of my friends were itching to get onto the dancefloor... ALL of them! No one sat behind! Haha, fine, if that still doesn't convince you... at least we all dress well. =p Afterwards, I went out with my friends to Timeless to eat, and then K-Zone until 4am... that's karaoke twice in a week. =p

Marking assignments is a pain...

Accounting theory assignment to finish...

Christmas is coming! The snow is very pretty... Do I have time for a Christmas dinner party??

Getting cold though... do I *really* have to pull out my (freaking huge) white winter coat? =p

Played piano last night until the early morning... was nice just to *play*... especially on chromaticizing the doxology, as visions of a silvery worship set danced in my head...

Mmm... I love clementines... how many can *you* eat at a time??

Gotta start catching up and start studying for finals... I wish I had the motivation that I had in third year: ambitious daily objectives and full schedules for weeks. Finished doing classwork for the entire week by the weekend before! But alas, no such motivation now... we shall see. =p

Also gotta clean my room...

On a side note, I lit the stove on fire today, but that's OK. =p

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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