Thursday, July 25, 2002

Events of the day:

[I'm currently auditing a software company, in a team of four. The work environment is not *too* favourable: despite the completely open concept layout, it is *extremely* quiet. Also, the client placed us right behind a couple of servers, and the fans around are FREEZING! The drone of fans is also quite sleep-inducing. =P Anyway...]

At around 11 o'clock, the server makes a noise, like it's going to shut down. Subsequently, some power goes down, and monitors around us start flickering. The server maintenance guy runs in, some profane language escapes his mouth, and he runs off. Apparently, (as I later found out,) he went to pull the fire alarm.

A few seconds later, all power dies.

The fire alarm rings.

"Fire! Electrical! Get out!"

I look to my team, and shruggedly, we follow the crowd out to the parking lot, actually smelling some burning smell on the way out.

A few minutes later, four fire engines pull up and the firefighters proceed to investigate the situation in the basement of the building. They come back out, get gas masks, and start pulling out a waterhose, pumping water through.

A few minutes later, Pizza Pizza pizza is delivered, and we get free food.

["nice." =P]

After half an hour or so, as the firefighters retreated and started to pack up, everyone was let into the building to collect their personal belongings, and were dismissed for the day.

Haha, exciting things *do* happen on audits. =P Actually something else happened today too... we were notified that one of our contacts was to be let go today, effective immediately. That was *not* fun.

Anyway, our senior let us go home for the day, but I ended up going back to the office with her because a whole slew of things was looming over my head, although I still intended to leave early.

And so I did.

I really need to practise. =P

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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