Monday, May 27, 2002

[sigh] Internet is bad.

Despite my criticisms of "bloggers"... ("People have way too much time on their hands..."), I have succumbed. =P

Well, *only* as a result of a combination of an (unexpected) internet connection and (expected) procrastination at work... okay fine, *I*'m the bad one... [sigh].
Gotta...stay...connected.... =P

Anyway, so finally, here is my blog; it is up after some minor technical difficulty. I hope you don't expect too much though; I'm not one who often expresses an opinion.. that would require an opinion to begin with. And well, nothing much is going on with my life for now, but I suppose we shall see. If I'm *really* bored one day maybe I'll re-archive my expeditions in Hong Kong and China from Winter 2001, especially for those young people out there who did not know me prior to Spring 2001.

In any case, I have work to do, so until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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