Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Learning learning learning

First off, Happy Chinese New Year! I enjoyed three days of holiday last week which turned out to be good (extended) family time (my parents are here until March), resting, working out (I am running a 10K next week), doing some homework, spending time with David... now all refreshed for work again. Since I got promoted at work, this year was my first 'big blood bath' for red pockets. Ack!

Learning. So everyone knows I'm a geek and love to learn. I think I get it from my mom, but the funny thing is, I'm nothing compared to David! Haha..

A few years ago, one of my old co-workers introduced me to this website of courses. The Teaching Company has developed a whole selection of personal interest courses which anyone can buy for their own personal learning. Back then, the website wasn't important because that coworker found some forums that had ripped a whole bunch of courses to mp3 which he downloaded, and then we engaged in a major 'burning' operation (CDs at that time) so I've got a whole slew of courses... I *did* listen to a two or three of them -- sped up by 25-40% using the Winamp Pacemaker plug-in.

Well, last week, Teach12 came back to my attention because they took out a page advertisement in the Economist, and I thought I may as well give them some money after all. I bought Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft. I listened to the first lecture last night (sped up, of course!) The lecturer is quite American and a little repetitive, but I will try to get through it, and hopefully it will bear some fruit. My priority is still Tyndale, after all.

But a funny thing is that almost simultaneously, David bought a book for himself, Figures of speech: 60 ways to turn a phrase. Given the short length of the book, I like his purchase better; plus, I did a flip through and it's quite amusing while educational. :p

Anyway, yes, geeky. [That's an asyndeton, by the way.] But this is the real part of the post: I will soon do away with these little ad hoc learning endeavours and finally dive into developing a serious learning plan over the few years. I already gave up the prospect of earning any more accounting-related designations last year. Now, turning outside the world of accounting, there is an overwhelming vastness of knowledge and insight which I look forward to absorbing just a small part...

Not sure if this will amount to a serious career change in the future, but, I m finally excited (more than scared) to see how it will turn out! In the uncertainty, there is MUCH to pray about.

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