Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm still alive. I'm behind on the blogging of three vacations actually... Silk Road, Taiwan, and Japan. All right, don't mean to brag. Next vacation won't be for a few months as I go through busy season... perhaps I will pop up in Toronto sometime soon. :) All very preliminary so far. Please also don't wish me congratulations. :p

It has been a whirlwind with family visits from my brother.. + mom... - brother... + dad... then going through the Christmas/New Year season, and then prepping for the Japan trip. On the last day in Japan, I caught the flu. Good thing I was able to sleep through the flight and the flu only came full out after a day or two in Hong Kong. I haven't gotten really sick in probably at least a year and a half to two years, so this one felt quite strong. Thankfully, I am about fully recovered now!

Tonight, I just returned home from Rosalyn and Duncan's wedding. The two of them, plus their families, all exude Christ's love, so it was a very blessed day and night to participate in their celebration. I am confident that God will continue to lead and bless their lives in amazing ways!

I am taking a Tyndale course again, so my discipline needs to step it up [especially since I'm taking systematic theology]. No more playing the Times Spelling Bee [stupid British accents!] :p

Finally, a reflection. Yes, again, it is on the passing by of a year. Last December was a ridiculously stressful for me because I had to deal with a certain 'lil sis'. It was a tumultuous two weeks involving police, hospital, landlords... a displaced and lost soul. I knew the responsibility to take care of her ultimately rested on her own shoulders, so despite a few months of turmoil at the beginning of last year and through my unfortunate continual neglect [yes, sudden 'change of attention'], the 'lil sis' has again come to a point that indicates the desire to settle down. Of course, it is yet another step in a very long journey, but it is a testament that prayers are never in vain. I have always been sure that God has unrelentingly pursued her, as well as sure that her heart is not as hard as she often portrays. It is an encouraging affirmation to continue persevering through prayer, for in some and many things, we must let God do his work, and wait for our time to take an active part. And further, it is a reminder of God's unrelenting pursuit of each one of us... only then can we truly start to engage in an intimate relationship with Him and be able to know Him.

Praise God for all the things he has done.

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