Friday, September 05, 2008

English Roadtrip - July 2008 - Closing

This post is mainly for completeness, though it feels nice to FINALLY close off this series of (12!) blogs. All in all, it was a great trip -- to admire His wonderful creation, to enjoy the joyous fellowship of friends and family, to appreciate mankind's history, culture, and gastronomy, to work through our spiritual deficiencies and to re-find His Grace -- and for all that, I am thankful.

Two more funny points to share:

1. Disconnected -- I was extremely disconnected throughout the trip, since I had no patience for the wireless connection at Rhinefield House, and our B&Bs also did not have internet connection. Granted, I did check email at various times on my phone, but only occasionally due to the slow speed (ok, I'm spoiled in Hong Kong.) In the end, it was likely a good thing for me.

In contrast, my mom checked email and internet at least five times as frequently as me, and it seemed like she almost checked every night at Rhinefield House (I checked only twice, out of necessity for communication with our Bath tour guide and the horseriding place.) Here, we are enjoying our wonderful dinner after the windy hike at Hadrian's Wall, while my mom was very much enjoying the free internet access. I didn't even do that...she is so into it! It's great!

2. Text messaging -- Incidentally, it also involves my mom, and I was greatly surprised at her text messaging savviness. My dad followed in another car behind me, and while we had walkie-talkies to communicate, it was easy to lose each other through city traffic or roundabouts. There were two times when we lost each other in a major way and both times, we were able to rejoin at various landmarks due to my mom's text messaging skills. Way to go!

That pretty much sums it up for this trip; it was a great one!
Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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