Friday, August 01, 2008

English Roadtrip - July 2008

Addendum to recurring themes -- Sweet or savoury?

Oh, and how can I forget, a roadtrip is not complete without snacks... a LOT of snacks. Alison had requested some straight-from-Hong Kong dried mango and dried squid, so I bought 1.5 lb of dried mango and a wide variety of assorted dried squid before I left. And when we get to UK, we find ourselves wanting to try out every variety of gourmet "crisps" (turnip crisps, sweet potato crisps, cheddar and chives, or even normal Walkers baked crisps -- those are really good). Plus add on to Alison finding my 'Achilles heel' for mint chocolate, (I'm overall *ok*, I think,) proceeding to push me to try out every variety of mint chocolates that we could find, we found ourselves with a full bag of sweets and a full bag of savoury snacks. Actually, it was pretty disgusting, and by the end of a week, we were done with eating snacks, though I continued nibble away at the dried mangoes until they were gone! Yum... Though the picture below of the snacks still looks unappetizing now...

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