Sunday, July 02, 2006


You can read more details of our vacation on Ina's vacation blog.

It has been a very restful and sun-filled vacation -- a lot more sun than i would have liked, but oh well... that's why we come to Hawaii, i suppose! I kind of burned my legs, which is very very surprising because my legs don't easily tan at all. I need to compare the skin tone of my face before and after this trip. I'll be using my whitening mask often enough after I get back. =p

Ina and I are enjoying our last restful day in Honolulu before going to San Francisco / San Jose for a couple of days before returning back to Toronto. (Janey left yeserday evening.) We attended took the bus to church this morning at Kapahulu Bible Church (we searched for churches last night), a small congregation not too far away from our hotel. It was a nice and simple service, but very pleasantly refreshing to worship God (on land -- there was no service on the cruise) in his house. It's always a comforting reminder that Christ prepares a community for his believers (I've been trying to get through Cost of Discipleship), although his call to us and our response is an individual journey.

The main reflection of this trip is definitely the awesomeness of God's creation. Hawaii is an amazing chain of volcanic islands, and it's fascinating to learn about the geological and anthropological history of the now American state. The terrain of the islands is beautiful with mountains, valleys, and many varieties of plants and trees. It's amazing to realize that these islands were created via the lava flow of volcanoes... the lava which destroyed all life standing in its path on eruption was the mechanism for much new life. And the ground that is formed from this destructive lava is very rich in mineral content, providing noursihment for all the future life living on it. Amazing...

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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