Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK, I've been really lazy... so, here is my main thought coming back from Hawaii:

The most striking observation for many people (including myself) is that there are a lot of Asians in Hawaii. Although they're not all Chinese, walking around the city (non-tourist areas) does feel like walking around in First Markham Place.

Although there may be an "assumed look" of a Hawaiian, it's interesting to trace their ancestry because the history of the island is not extremely old. And, being volcanically formed islands, there are no indigenous peoples. Apparently, the first inhabitants may have come from the nearby Marquesas islands... but I don't know about the details tracing back. There are, however, many many Asians who settle there from all over (which is why whenever we're served at a restaurant, they assumed we were Japanese... I think because there are many Japanese tourists, but also many locals). A number of locals that we met were always mixed... Filipino and Chinese, or mix from Vietnam, etc... and so, maybe within these lifetimes, there may not be a "predominant race" in Hawaii.

Which led me to think... will heaven embody this aspect? From a humanistic point of view, the mixing of gene pools is a good thing. =p As cultures develop, with world travel, etc. there will be less and less pure peoples.

I mean, in Genesis 11, peoples were spread out as a result of their sin... as a result of the separation, peoples and nations developed... would heaven, with the defeat of sin, result in a merger of sorts? Hm...

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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