Sunday, July 31, 2005

The view from our hotel room, the Merced River [very good soundproofing, I must say! When we went into the room at night we had no idea the river was right behind us!]. The Merced River is basically the river that carved out the entire Yosemite valley over time.

Amazing morning by the river drinking (pretty good) 3-in-1 instant oatmeal (actually, very much like my barley embryo drink) courtesy of Joyce.

I think our first major stop along the Tioga Pass Road: Lake Tenaya. Simply amazing...

A rushing creek by Tuolumne [pronounced "twah-lum-ne"] Meadows. This creek was rushing pretty quickly -- so the water was REALLY COLD!!! This was the first place where Joyce made me take off my shoes to get into the water. =p

On the way back out to the Valley, we decided to stop by Lake Tenaya again and get into the water (since we had already gotten into sandals and such). The plan was to set the autotimer to take a picture. There were no flat places to put the camera; I basically used Joyce's "slipper" to keep it level, haha... as could have been foreseen, I rushed down, lost my balance, and as the Chinese would put it, "dragged her into the water" -- literally, and translated literally. =p Notice my pants were all wet!

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We hiked up for a little bit by Lembert Dome.

Joyce's pretty balanced yoga "tree pose" in such a peaceful place in front of Lembert Dome.

My attempt at the "airplane" pose...

Haha.. just a "thinker" pose...

Haha, the Chinese version of the "Thinker", although I need to refresh my memory as to its name. =p

The *main* reason why I wanted to come to Yosemite in the first place... ignorant me didn't realize the rest of the beautiful sights there!

A giant sequoia pinecone! Isn't it kind of freaky??

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