Thursday, June 05, 2003

I guess it's about time for an update... a summary of my going-ons in the past month:

April 20 - 27: Dominican Republic was a nice break, and it was fun to just hang out with my classmates for a week on the beach. =) Aside from the fun, it was awesome to see huge and beautiful God's creation... the expanse of the sea, the calming crashes of waves along the shore, the cool evening air... this hardly captures the scene, but I guess we can all imagine... =)

April 28 and on: Back to Waterloo for accounting UFE training before class on May 5. For whatever reason, I was *extremely* looking forward to training [really, no sarcasm there.] I was not at all sleepy despite my lack of sleep! Mainly because the topic for the first day was Assurance, and I knew I really need a brush-up of my technical skills in that area.

I know I often complain about my class (of accountants) being too keen... and they *are*!!! At the same time, I know it is something to really cherish. I mean, what could be a better study environment? Everyone's keenness is a natural motivator: everyone collectively creating an environment where a positive work ethic [*no* one is ever late for class... *everyone* does all the assigned readings in preparation for class...] and competence (technical, verbal, written, analytical) are respected, where everyone mutually encourages one another as we all proceed towards the UFE... even if it's out of fear of falling behind, it is a motivation just to be in this class. =p

Although it's only been a month since our last vacation, we're already planning our post-UFE cruise. [UFE is September 16, 17, 18.] My classmate scared me the other day: "You know what, in four months, we'll be on a cruise!"

Aiya... huge reality check for me. I am nowhere near being technically competent and able to succinctly write cases to pass the UFE! As a result, machine-mode has been engaged... for the next 3 and a half months... haha...

Of course, I know that my source of strength comes from God alone. No way could I sustain 20+ hour days on my own. =p

The Lord gives strength to his people;
the Lord blesses his people with peace.
— Psalm 29:11

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