Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New beginnings - 3 of 3

And finally, to the 'real' beginning. I will be pursuing a Masters of Education this September with the aim to equipping myself towards a new career. No, I don't intend to teach elementary school or secondary school, nor do I really want to teach Accounting to college students (though I'm open to it.) A little on my background first, though.

It's kind of funny that when I reflect on my life through this 'education lens,' I've always considered it important (after all, I've always loved school / going to school), but never thought it was for me (after all, I've always been a shy, poor public speaker.) And not that I'm going into teaching, but I must only attribute the path to God. Somehow, through entire career in Accounting -- public accounting, for that matter, and having worked in only one firm -- God paved a way for me to build up *some* case to get accepted into a great education program at HGSE. There was no way I could have imagined it during the various training events, revising curricula, or participating in university workshops. But they were there as a series of projects, days, and steps. Somehow, it all came together. So, as a first step, I hope to pursue this masters for foundational knowledge about the education industry.

Since I don't intend to teach, that will put me into the administrative areas. You may even ask -- wow, that's even more boring than accounting -- and that may be true from a day to day aspect. The pace will be slower, and in some ways, the people may be less 'competent'. But I see the next few years as minor first steps towards gaining new experience, and we'll see where God leads in the future. In a way, it goes back to the boring day to day again, just that instead of building a career based on amassing a body of accounting knowledge, I hope to somehow help, indirectly or directly, the students going through their paths in higher education.

It is all very uncertain, and so all I can do is offer up this vocation daily, with the discipline to live out each day with the faith that God has his greater plan. We'll see how I can share later on.

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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