Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy with work and personal...

At work, I've been busy with helping out with an IPO which has been a tiring process. At least, I can enjoy pockets of fresh air between scheduled SEC filing dates, and by now, we've gone through the most difficult parts of the process. Personally, I'm supposed to be busy with wedding planning, which unfortunately has taken a back seat due to busyness at work. Plus, David and I greatly value the meaning behind a wedding, being the future path of marriage, we are not people who gain great satisfaction in the meticulous planning of this event. Nonetheless, gradual progress has been made though I should spend a lot more time on it.

But, in my geeky worldview, I can't help but to notice the parallels between the IPO and wedding planning. After all, the bottom line is that they are both projects to manage.

1. Kick off meeting and all parties meetings

2. Draft the project timeline and budget

3. Clarify requirements with the lawyers

4. Liaise with the printers and submit change pages on the printers proof

Haha -- ok, enough. Anyway, I am happy that my IPO is priced and trading, so now I can focus more attention on the *other* project. :p

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

Addendum -- I'm hoping I pulled my last all-nighter for 2009 and possibly, my ________ ________.

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