Tuesday, July 29, 2008

English Roadtrip - July 2008 - The Creation Tour

OK, creation was just an allusion to the breathtaking sights that we saw throughout the country. When you compare to a big country like Canada, England is actually really small -- the drive from London to Edinburgh in Scotland is probably only 8 hours (for the non-Canadians, say, Toronto to Quebec City... going west, you can't even get out of Ontario in that time!) You can traverse the 'width' of England's north end in under 2 hours. But within this small area, there is a varied landscape, so here are some of the spots that we hit:

Dover white cliffs - the white colour is because of the chalk - southeast corner of England

The Lakes district - of course, you can hardly compare to the thousands of lakes in Ontario, or the size of the (5) great lakes, but in England, this small area houses all of the major lakes (and mountains) -- northeast corner of England

The Cotswolds - rolling hills and plains - best on horseback! -- west-central England

The New Forest - Well, it's a big forest, and this is where we stayed for the first week -- in the forest. :p Rhinefield House is the name of the 'hotel' (the word hotel doesn't do it justice) -- it was a beautiful estate -- southern England

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