Saturday, August 18, 2007

For those who read Chinese -- this new song from Streams of Praise expresses a lot of what I feel in thankfulness for the friends within this spiritual community.

詞:萬美蘭 曲:游智婷

謝謝妳燦爛笑容 Thank you for your lovely smile
照亮我的天空 that shines into my life
謝謝妳分享心情 Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts
把我放在妳心中 putting me in your heart

夜裡有時為寒冷 Sometimes it gets cold at night
你我生根同暖土 But with you its warm
友情是最亮的星 Friendship is the brightest star
我的生命從此美麗 From now, life is beautiful

當妳被花朵包圍盡情歡欣 When you're immersed in joy surrounded by flowers
我帶春風使妳舞其中 I bring the spring wind in a dance
當妳正走在坎坷路 When you walk on the rocky road
我會伴妳在左右 I will walk with you all the way

一起向藍天歡呼 We go toward the blue skies
像白雲招手 While waving at the white clouds
我們要一起笑一起哭 We will laugh together, cry together
千萬人中有個人懂我 In a million people, one understands me
妳有最珍貴的角落 You are in my most treasured place

On a general aside, it has been interesting relearning how to worship in Chinese... at the beginning it was a struggle to learn the words (I still don't know 100% of the songs we sing, haha) that it was frustrating and distracting from my worship. However, after some familiarity, the lyrics have started to really speak to my heart.

It's definitely a different style of music in general, I think it has to do with the language [kind of also why I don't like to sing English songs at karaoke, haha], the Chinese language perhaps more precise and expressive? I don't know. The style is more ballad-like in expressing oneself, similar to Nichole Nordeman's music, but often different from general praise music. Neither way is better, just different.

I thank God for ALL of my friends. :)

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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