Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Treetops around the world

It happened that I got an opportunity to go treetop walking in Collingwood when I was back in Canada. (Thanks Cindy!!)

And then, it also happened that I got to go treetop walking in Malaysia when we (friends from fellowship) went to Kota Kinabalu!

The game is: Pick out the differences!

Whoa... first bridge.

Second bridge: George, Sarah, me

Third bridge (of three), the most unstable of them all. Me, Rosalyn, and the father of this little girl who practically ran across because it was too easy for her! *That* made it even more scary, haha. The funny thing is, the first one felt ok.. and then the second was worse... and the third was worst! I was actually kind of scared for this one because it wasn't completely even/level! The net at the side is somewhat of psychological comfort, I guess, but I had pictured where I would grab onto if the whole thing were to collapse a la Indiana Jones or something. :P

I suppose, overall, based on physics of the many ropes holding up the planks, it's quite safe (though, I should have also asked how many people fall off in KK... ZERO have fallen off in Collingwood, however, there is a HARNESS and helmet to prevent any injury). And I guess I've kind of gotten my phobia of heights after all these years to a manageable level! I was pretty worried about this one in KK.

Height in Collingwood: 60-80 feet
Height in KK: 100-120 feet

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