Friday, April 01, 2005

All done -- At least for the time being! The next one is June 4th... But I'll worry about that after a short break. =) Good thing th CFA is all multiple choice because I'm afraid any more case type exams just will not be legible! Usually, at least the first question is neatly written. Today, it was chicken scratch all the way through... So much for any attempts to try and improve my penmanship.

I wrote the Law and Tax exam today--it's towards the CBV designation (Chartered Business Valuator), something that I kind highly doubt I will get. I don't know, I don't really know *what* I want to do with my career... I should probably settle down soon though.

Anyway, I got home tonight and had nothing urgent to do! It was nice to just tidy my room, change my sheets, etc. And of course, the Yam family's newest pasttime, Taiko Drum Master!


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