Saturday, January 08, 2005

So while we were supposed to return to Toronto the evening of the 5th, we were among the over 500 American Airlines flight cancellations at Chicago O’Hare that night and ended up staying the night after an evening of frustrating lines and chaos.

But, at least we got a relatively good night’s sleep at a hotel (*not* paid by American Airlines, but at least at a reduced rate) since our morning flight was further delayed until the afternoon. So last night, we arrived safe and sound, and not too tired – no jetlag! =)

Unfortunately, after I returned last night, I felt really gross in my stomach, and my body basically rejected everything I had eaten in the past day – so I didn’t know what caused it since I pretty much ate with my family for the entire vacation. Except for the sushi bar at lunch when I lost everyone before meeting to go to the Tokyo airport… it could have been any of the raw oyster, octopus, sea urchin, or fish that lunch… yuck. =P

However, there is always a greater plan, and I was able to rest up (didn’t go to work as I intended to) and finish my two assignments due today (well, yesterday – the 7th)! I had two assignments due for the CBV designation… one of which, I pretty much completed on the plane from Hong Kong; I just had to type it out. The other, I couldn’t start until this afternoon when I had to buy the replacement textbook … I left my first one on the train in Tokyo on the way to the airport.

When I realized my stupid, stupid mistake, the exact point when I misplaced my book on the train, up to the airport check-in platform completely flashed in front of my eyes. Sigh. So stupid – and a waste of time… which felt much worse with much idle time in Chicago.

Sigh, but, they’re all done and sent (half an hour past the deadline – hopefully it’s okay), so that my entire family can go to yet another Yam family gathering. My aunt and her sons (my indirect nephews) are going to London, England, whereas my sister is also returning back to Montreal tomorrow. So somehow, everything works out.

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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