Friday, November 28, 2003

Work has been busy enough so far, but not as bad as it could be -- still expecting much worse to come. =p But having to study on top of working is slightly more tiring than "usual"... so I guess that's why I haven't had too much time to reflect lately... well, really, it's my own fault for misprioritizing...

Some thoughts regarding "life back at home":

It hit me a few weeks ago that I am finally *here*. I have done *it*, achieved *it*.

What, exactly?

The concept of education, in which my parents submerged me at a very young age, and constantly throughout my upbringing: "If you don't get a good education, you won't get a good job!" Despite these constant reminders, my parents were great in that they never put any pressure on me... and it turned out well for me because I guess I possess the necessary discipline for self-directed learning in an environment with *very* much freedom.

So starting with elementary school, I took to their challenge and strove for excellence in academics (while staying well-rounded with multiple extra-curricular activities, of course =p). Come to think of it though, I guess I internalized this challenge very early on -- I don't really recall my parents having to really sit down with me to do homework or anything... And despite a little rut in middle school (the worst two years of my life at J.B. TYRRELL, =p ) I continued to develop this concept, and sought to strive for excellence in all that I did.

I thought it was pretty funny that, during university, my mom would call me every so often and constantly tell me to sleep more, go out more, go find a boyfriend... [haha =p] because I shouldn't study *too* much. Regardless though, the reality of now having graduated from university suddenly set in on that day, and having been blessed with a good job upon graduation, I realized that I am *here*.

Wow. What now? *This* is it? [Not that it didn't feel good -- as from my previous entries, I *am* looking forward to working and just life in general as an "adult." =p] But I guess it's normal to experience "graduation syndrome", and that's how it hit me... finally achieving what I have been striving for, for approximately 20 years...

It's exciting. =)

As much as I liked university, I am very excited to work, build new relationships, try to balance life, find spirituality in the bustling city... it's very exciting. And something to really embrace... =)

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam.

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