Tuesday, April 15, 2003

One more exam to go! But it's going to be a crazy week just making sure I take care of all my errands and living arrangement preparations before I leave on Friday and come back for training on April 28...

Here's an interesting article that I read today... well, maybe only especially interesting to me. =p


We like to walk and talk, study says
By Roma Luciw, Globe and Mail Update

When it comes to cellphones, Canadians are among the world’s chattiest.

According to a study issued Monday by Ericsson Canada Inc., only the long-winded Americans ramble more than we do, logging an average 29 minutes a day on their mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Canadians spend an average of 19 daily minutes on their cellphones, well above the global average of 16 minutes. (Worldwide results were gathered from Brazil, China, Japan, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the U.S.)

Still, the Ericsson research shows that Canadians favour landline phones over mobiles by a large margin, spending 103 minutes a day on the fixed-line phones. The global average was 68 minutes a day on land phones.

More than half of Canadians, 56 per cent, own a mobile phone, compared with a global average of 68 per cent. Sweden topped the list of cellphone nations, with 93 per cent of Swedes owning a mobile phone.

Canadians spend an average of $41 a bill on their cellphones, lower than a global tally of $60. In comparison, Canadians dish out $50 a month on their regular phones and $34 a month for Internet access.

Anyway, my only reaction is: 19 minutes?? That's *nothing*!! =p

Until next time, this is Gladys Yam

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